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Snake City
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Question: Inpired by the most famous snake game — Slither .io, SnakeCity is not quite a new concept for players but it is difinitely an explosive development to the gamefi world. What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

We have 6 game modes which are Training mode, Battle Arena, Tournament, Freezone, Discovery Mode and Sponsored event. In Sponsored event, we will collaborate with other NFT and players can earn not only SNCT token but also our partner’s token. We also have Freezone mode, this is a free-to-play mode that doesn’t require to invest. As the game has a close concept to the famous snake game, players won’t find it hard to learn how to play, they just need to jump in the game and experience. Another special point is that one of our top priorities is the personalization feature, in the near future, players can customize their own snake’ skin and of course it can be traded in the market.

Question: Almost every investor holds the token for the short-term without understanding the long-term value. So, how can you ensure for us that holding this token is more beneficial for long-term and what is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of the token?

We develop the game for the long run and of course we will have activities that are only beneficial for long-term investors and players. We also develop anti-inflation mechanism, we have always prepared for the project’s balance economy that includes NFT Economy, Token Economy, Minting control, Token Utility, Burning Mechanism and Diverse Revenue Stream.

The future that our investors and partners saw in us, they know we are working people and we launch the project step by step. There’s no rush and that why they believe us for the long run.

Question: We noticed that SnakeCity get funded from Blizzard fund of Avalanche. Which support you get so far from your partners and backers? And Why you choose Avalanche and Avalaunch?

The reason why we choose the platform is because Avalaunch is a launchpad powered by the Avalanche platform, allowing new and innovative projects to seamlessly prepare for launch with an emphasis on fair and broad distribution. Leveraging Avalanche’s scalable, high-throughput, and low-latency platform, Avalaunch is built by users, for teams, to help grow strong communities. We also will be one of the gamefi(es) will be on the subnet of Avalanche. It is true that we got funded by Avalabs, they will continue go with us and develop the game with us.

Question: Many projects develop at first very well but then they don’t get the result as expected. To face this problem, what is the plan of your team to manage the project and make people believe this is the best project in blockchain industry?

As the vision of SnakeCity is to bring long-term benefits to investors and players, the development team have calculated everything including future event to clearly demonstrate a sustainable ecosystem. And the difficulties of this industry I believe not only SnakeCity has to face it but also every NFT game on the market. Our aim is to bring the joy to players who pay attention about the game, so that’s reason they will accompany with us. We are here to stay!

Question: To increase the sustainable growth of SnakeCity, can you share about SnakeCity’s plan in the future? Which marketing strategy the team will follow and how to maintain community engagement?

Community plays an important role in every project, to build SnakeCity’s community as strong as today, we have successfully held weekly events that always contain huge pool rewards and a large number of participants. How the community response speaks out to the strength of the project. I’m proud to say our members always engage with SnakeCity’s activities especially on our Twitter and Telegram. We love to hold AMA this way because players can see that we have real game and real experience.

Question: Community is getting more and more curious about SnakeCity’s IDO. Can you share with us about IDO and what’s next after IDO along with your roadmap?

We will soon launch IDO on Avalaunch on 23th this month. Right after IDO about a few days, we will have NFT Public Sale and also Token Genaration event and official game launch in the same day! There will be 630 NFT only so I hope that you can own a whitelist spot!

In the future, many events and contests will be released! You guys can join our channel to update with the news! Thanks everyone for today and let’s jump in our beta game!

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