AMA recap — SnakeCity & Sky Meta

Part 01: Greeting

Hi is that Mike right?

Host: Yes this is Mike I’ll be your host today let’s give it a couple more minutes I know there’s been a couple of guys you know coming in and out of the AMA session, they’ve had a couple of questions for you daniel so you know very excited for tonight’s kind of AMA, so let’s give it a couple more minutes and we’ll get everybody in they had a bunch of questions about getting started how to play and everything so we had our guys in there but let’s give it a couple more minutes and we will start from there.

Host: Welcome everybody to the AMA tonight Snake City is in the house

Welcome, everybody! Welcome! So I guess it’s almost time. I’ll start doing the introductions. So welcome everybody, good evening to you and thank you for your time. My name is Mike. I will be your host this evening.

Just a little introduction I am one of the co-founders of Sky Meta we’re a small guild of about 700 scholars. We’ve got several games and competition of for example Axies,…. However, our main focus is to build tools to support the gameplay ecosystem such as gamefi like Snake City and our NFT management platform and development tools kind of leveraging that guild experience that we’ve had to really create these kinds of powerful tools to support the project ecosystem. Now today obviously I am super happy to be joined by one of the hottest and newest upcoming games on the Avalanche ecosystem. So you know no further, let’s welcome everyone to join our AMA session today. We’re super excited to have Snake City join us for our AMA session.

We’ll be speaking with Daniel Phan — CEO of the game who’s going to walk us through a bunch of features that make this project fun and successful. And all these other questions you know he’s going to be answering.

We’re going to split the AMA into three different sections. Our first part is going to be an introductory type part where I’ll ask questions and Daniel will answer himself and then we’ll go through there. And then the second part will be the Q&A from the audience so whoever raises their hand during that time or asks a question you know Sky Meta will give you a small prize and whoever Dan picks will also earn that prize. And then in part three, I think that’s the most exciting part. We will be opening up Dan’s gonna be officially opening up the testnet so all of those of us who have applied for the white list will be able to play and whoever is number one on the leaderboard we’re going to open that game up for a couple of days two to three days. Whoever’s on the leaderboard will win a grand prize from Snake City as well so you know without further

Welcome to the Sky Meta community. Thank you for being here with us

I would just like to introduce sky meta to our community because I know we’re going to also work with you to open up scholarships in our guild as well

So without further ado, I’ll leave you to you know introduce snake city our grand community


Yeah, thanks a lot Mike for the intro. And hi everyone, this is Daniel from Snake City and we are very happy to partner with sky meta-one of the leading guild and it’s very interesting the partnership and we look forward to a really fruitful partnership thanks a lot for having me today and also for the invitation. Regarding the snake city, SnakeCity is built on Avalanche and I think that when we talk about the snake, all the people are quite a really familiar with the snake concept in the Nokia game, right? And back to the 2000s game on Nokia phones, there was a game that had a snake go around the map and eat the food and the snake gets longer and longer. And I really want to bring that kind of, you know, web-2 game to the web-3 game in the blockchain space to help the people really enjoy when they’re playing and also they can earn as well.


Interesting. You know I love those types of games back those are the first mobile games really that was so addictive back in these days


So yeah that’s true.

Part 02: Introduction

A: Yeah, actually I, and my team, have spent the last few years working on many projects in the technology industry and especially in the blockchain field. And I and the team also, you know, all created fun and I myself play a lot of you know a traditional game and also game-fi. We really want to create a game- it should be fun enough and also easy to play. So we decided to pick a concept with Snake City to build the game because we see that when we talk about the snake honor everybody is familiar with that concept so we can bring the best experience to the player. And in the traditional games, we have a really really famous game. It is or recently we have a, so we really want to bring that concept to the web 3 to create the casual. And it should be also a skill-based game that targets, you know, the mass market audience, so we focus on the concept is that fun, simple gameplay, easy to understand, simple user interface and also we can break it down to the source section’ let’s learn skills so the game can be played, you know, during the world break all the time we rate the change for example so that that is a story to bring, you know, have an idea with the Snake City.

Q: Awesome and when you say play anywhere is this going to be a mobile and pc game Daniel?

A: That’s true. In the first release, we support the browser first and we are developing the app in ios and android is very very soon to release, and because we really focus on transactions right so phone is definitely is our priority

Q: Agreed. Yes, we’ve also seen a lot of kind of a shift to that play and earned concept where people focus on the fun. So now that thank you so much for that, that leads me to my second question in terms of SnakeCity, what do you think is your competitive advantage you know versus those other projects that are out there now and what do you feel most confident about that competitive advantage?

A: Yeah I think that I can say we have three main points to make Snake City different from other game-fi. First one, you know, there are a lot of gamefi at the moment they try to, I have to say, accomplish too many things at the same time and we have different things to focus on you know, something simple and fun first because we see that we need to create the game for the people, anybody can play and it should be skill-based game. Because there are too many games at the moment they are idle games or trading cards, card games, or something like that. So how to say that the result is somehow configured in the big back end with the investment with the power of the NFT hero that the game will have. So in a skill-based game, it’s totally different like if, for example, you have a lower rarity than me with the hero NFT but you still can beat me because you have a really great better skill so we really want to bring the fair for the game industry. And also we bring the emotion in the game because it’s skill-based and there are a lot of you know scenarios that happen all the time right? So that is the first one.

And the second one, I think that Snake City, we really focus on the game balance. When we talk about the balance here it’s not only about, you know, the experience of the gamer but also the economy in the game that we want to make sure that we have a sustainable game economy. With the problem of the game fight regarding the inflation in-game token and we try to handle that. We have to apply a lot of, you know, mechanisms to reduce the inflation that happens in games and we also try to balance with the experience of the user as well.

For example, we call it the gamer’s journey right? So the gamer when they access the game they have a journey from the beginner to the expert. I can say that we try to create you know the gamer journey to make sure that the other player joining our game, they have the best experience. So the last point I can say to make Snake city different from other game-fi is that we try to expand our ecosystem and we don’t want to limit ourselves in the game-fi only. We really want to bring Snake City to become the promotion platform so how can we do that? We try to connect with other crypto projects, and other game-fi and we really want to bring, give the gamer and the player a chance to earn other tokens other NFT from other products in our platform.

Q: Yeah okay interesting! So yeah that’s very interesting. That kind of leads me to my next question. Daniel in terms of the game economy I know you know we’ve seen a lot of these kinds of NFT economies are kind of very important to game-fi right? But recently we’ve experienced this kind of games, I mean, to focus too much on the earning that kind of causes that economy to inflate. So I know you were talking about your inflation mechanisms to keep the game you know balanced. Could you maybe kind of explain more about what those mechanisms are and what the burn mechanisms are in terms of snake city and stuff like that?

A: Yeah sure, we are, I think that we have to apply four mechanisms to help the game economy become more sustainable. The first one is we bring a lot of utility for in-game tokens so you know there are a lot of game-fi at the moment. They mean the in-game token and they call it an inflationary token and they don’t have any utility for those issues. So it is a huge problem, right? Because the people receive that token after playing and they don’t know how to use it they don’t have any utility to users. They’re just you know selling it so that’s the problem. So we bring a lot of utility for the in-game token. So the people after earning that token can use it to buy the in-game item, they can use it to buy the ticket to join other you know game modes and others like breeding, fusion, a lot of things.

In the second one, we have the burning mechanism which is very interesting. In Snake City we use 70% of our energy sales, our revenue stream, we burn our token, we burn the in-game token, we burn the government token and we add liquid for the in-game token as well. So we will public that number for the community and they can see it or regarding the in-game token will be burned you know every month, every quarter to make sure that we have a good economy for the in-game and government topic.

And the next point, I think that in Snake City, when we talk we have the game will be called a sponsored event right? So for example, Sky Meta or recently or maybe Trader Joe, we designed a snake $JOE for them so we put in the game and there will be the snake Joe map and they can earn the NFT from traditional, they can eat the $JOE tokens. So by that way we do give the chance for the gamer to earn more NFT more tokens in the Snake city ecosystem and also we don’t need to mint you know too many tokens right. So it also helps the game economies be more sustainable. I can say that the revenue stream from Snake city, we have three revenue streams. It is from the new user, it is from the existing user and it’s also from outside snake city, from our partner.

And the last one I can say like we are not rushed to have you know many people joining in the first day because like you know we really like the concept of the step end that they gradually you know increase player-the member in their community in their game, in their application and we are doing the same like, we give, in the first season we only have a 630 NFT only. We will design the next the season with the limited NFT so we can control the economy better and then we increase the number gradually. That’s much better to compare with other gamefi they try to mint 1,000 or 10,000 or 20,000 NFT in the first stage. So it’s quite really hard to control the game economy you know with that skill.

Q: Yeah right I was very interested in what you were talking about on the marketing side so you know you, are there any other kind of projects you’re working with now to work on that kind of the marketing side of it you know getting that other token or anything Daniel?

A: Yes we are working with them, actually we are finalizing the mechanism like we let other projects rent the map and we design the map, we design the food, we design the character based on their brain essence. And we put the token and we put the NFT in the mouth so the snake go in the map if the token and eat the NFT and at the moment because the mechanism is still, you know, finalizing regarding the fee that they rank and we use the fee to buy that token and put it in the market to reword for the gamer and it will be really very very very soon in the next quarter about you know this game mode.

Q: Okay interesting and when just kind of overall in terms of what’s your schedule like Daniel in terms of releasing the game and everything like that?

A: Yes at the moment we are in the beta testnet and we are welcome to everybody to join in the AMA and test our game, give us the feedback or and really work for the leaderboard. We will do the IDO in Avalanche soon and the NFT sales will happen after the IDO and will sell our NFT by our token. So it means that the people need to use our token to buy the NFT. So because we saw the people buying our token in the IDO right and they immediately can bring those tokens to buy our NFT you know, right after that and the game was also released at that time as well and yeah let me remind is only 630 NFT.

Q: Yeah interesting! Yeah we’re all you know looking forward to testing it out and actually playing the real thing so I kind of led me into my last question of this segment Daniel. As a beginner or novice player you know, is it easy to access the game and what kind of training or experience do you need to play the game or can I play the game without purchasing the NFT first to build my confidence?

A: Yes. We have a free zone mode to help the people trying the game without investment and yeah and soon we will release that and they will understand more about how to play the game. But the game rules are very very very simple Mike. Because previously, we ran the two-round test net and we don’t have any questions regarding how to play, to be honest. They only have a question: Hey Daniel how to set up a test network. I was just more of getting to play first I guess before purchasing that NFT I kind of understand the game which you guys already have as well correct that you were talking about. So you know I guess a lot of our community members are always looking for that type of game as well just to get in you know to understand it and to really kind of get into the game before they purchase it because obviously, you know with the markets now you really have to kind of understand the game which you know that’s a great feature that you have Daniel to allow players to really get in the game to understand it before purchasing the NFT

Part 03: QnA with members

Q: When I check your website I see that the app has not been released when are you going to release the app both on ios and android when i and when are you planning for the ideo or you don’t have any plan for that yet?

A: Yeah thanks for the question young so i’m understanding that or you are asking about the ios and android applications for the game right?

And the time to release it right? Yeah at the first release, we support the browser on the mobile and also in desktop first and in our roadmap, the ios and android will be released in the next quarter and it will be the first amount of snakes quarter so it also really shoots into releases yeah

Q: And then potentially the IDO when would the IDO be again?

A: The idea is that the IDO will happen in Avalanche at the end of this month. And at the moment the games only support the browser in pc and mobile

Q: Are you going to implement a mechanism on your game on this gaming platform because you know there are many kinds of issues concerning mechanism stability on and play to end games?

A: Yes I got that i got the question and that’s why is in Snake City we

always try to, you know, bring a balanced and sustainable game economy. We apply. I mean also in the previous I already answered it right? We apply many mechanisms here. First we give a lot of utility for the in-game token and the second we also have a burning mechanism. We use 70% of our treasury from the revenue stream from the NFT sales from the item store and also from the breeding fee, marketplace fee and we use it to burn the token to make sure and add the liquid as well to make sure that we have a sustainable game economy. And yeah we do see those problems from the game-fi that’s why it’s Snake City very serious you know in terms of designing the game economy.

Q: Okay thank you my last question is why did you choose Avalanche over atm and blc or do you have plans in bridging your platform and maybe in the next future?

A: Yes, that’s a very interesting question. Like you know, to be honest when we start the game we have here you know internal discussion: Hey which blockchain platform that we should go ahead? Hey how about Solana and some of them hey how about you know Ethereum and then you pick Avalanche because for some reasons.

The first is, you know, to compare with other you know blockchain platforms, Avalanche I can say that they are very great blockchain platform. And the Avalanche foundation they work very seriously regarding Avalanche technology. And they support a lot of developers regarding that. And the second we’re interested in Avalanche because they have a subnet. And subnet is very very very, you know, good for the game-fi to scale and also reduce the gas fee for the gamer because we have a lot of transactions in the game-fi right and that’s why we choose Avalanche for the blockchain to develop it. And yeah the next question we have the in the future with the other chain, definitely, that is our it is in our roadmap as well we see the future of game-if it is about multi-chain that’s why in the next season we also thinking that we can develop a snake city in other chains to help the people you know to reach out to the community from you know other change and also, help the people is more convenient when they play the game.

Q: Oh hello hello so I was just wondering how much will be the value of the token in the future at the game launch?

A: Yeah regarding the value of the price I guess you’re asking about the price of the token right? In the IDO. Yeah I’ll soon public it you know in Avalanche and at the moment you know we are still finalizing the final step with the avalanche regarding the interview and something like that and soon please follow our social channel and also telegram of the Avalanche so we will publish those information in both our social channel and also Avalanche social channel

Q: Okay Daniel I have been following the Snake City in airdrop and I’m sharing to my friends but we don’t know when the distribution will start?

A: Thanks for the question. Firstly I can say that I’m really thankful for supporting us for quite a long time because you join in the airdrop right? So I can say that it is six months ago and yeah the end of the airdrop will happen you know one week after the TGE and if um we are going to IDO in this month in Avalanche and also teach you you come after that. So after the TGE we’ll announce the winner list and also distribute the SNCT token to the air drop you know participants yeah

Q: Okay, oh so after TGE (yes after TGE) directly after a week or a month maybe?

A: A week, a week after TGE

H: Okay thanks for that question I also have a question from the tweets on Twitter Daniel. So i’m gonna take one from there as well and ask you, for Michael Francisco how much will the NFT’s cost Daniel?

A: Yes so the thing is are you know um we are quite different from other game-fi that other game -fi they do the NFT sales or before the IDO before the game release right? But in Snake City we are doing differently. We will do the NFT sales after the IDO, and the people joining you know buying the NFT they need to help. We want to bring you know, the fair for all everybody joining in IDO. Because if you do the NFT sales before the IDO with so after the IDO the people buy the token you know they don’t have any utility right? But we are doing differently because we want to give the utility for our token when they buy you know it in the IDO. So just to talk about the NFT cost, we will release it very soon on our website with you know the IDO information. So please stay tuned in our social channel and the website. We will update for all of you guys. What I can say at the moment is it’s only 630 NFTs. It’s quite limited.

Q: Yeah my question is that can you just share a little bit of your partner, partnership with your game just does your partner that you are introducing them together. Can you just share a little bit of them to the community so we can understand more?

A: Okay thank Young for your question. Okay yes in regards to the partner and bikers I can say that we are the game that we funded by Avalabs for the Blizzard fund officially. And we also have some big investor and also backers and partner like Avatar venture, Tomo chain lab, SL capital as well. And yeah we will publish it in we are redesigning our website for the IDO, so we’ll put all information regarding: the IDO time, the IDO stuff and also partner, backer, tokenomics and all the things in here so yeah so but I can say that there are some partner and biker of Snake city

Q: Although the other awesome partner partnership, which you are willing to collaborate together in the future?

A: Yes, regarding the partnership that snake city is looking for in the future definitely, that guild is one of the partners that we really want to work with for the you know long-term collaboration and Sky meta is one of the partners that we can say. That they bring a lot of value for the game-fi like Snake City and we are also working like a Kucoin gaming guild, GGG as well and other guild will be onboarding. And another partnership that we’re also looking for in the next future it is about other you know crypto projects in the Avalanche ecosystem like a trader joe avalanche as well we really want to onboard them to bring their token NFT in our platform yeah so it is a partnership type that we are looking for.

Q: I want to ask about copyright for the NFTs, you already have a copyright for the NFTs right?

A: No it is authentic, actually it is NFT provided by our project, we don’t provide it when we talk about NFT you know in the sponsored event for example, trader Joe right? They have their NFT and they give it to us or we need to buy them to put it in the game. So it is the concept. It’s not like a copy of the image.

Q: So I would like to ask a question. Do you know that most users are being exploited by other groups as most of the income usually goes back to the guild instead of the scholars? So my question is how can snake city change this system so that most of the rewards will be going back to the scholars or the users?

A: Okay, thank you for the question. I understand that you’re asking about the scholar right ? With the future to support scholarship in Snake City is that correct?

H: Yes yes correct. Like how do you ensure it gets divided out to the scholars I guess. You know the income goes back to the guild as well in that sense.

A: Yeah, at the moment yeah we are developing that function for our future with the guild and scholars in our game. We definitely take the reference from you know other games at the moment like a pegasi right? And other game-fi and to develop it in SnakeCity and also like it is also one of the features in functions Sky Meta is also supporting in the future, right Mike?

H: Correct correct

That’s working with you as well to get that system up so I’m glad April asked that um because we will have that feature and you will have that feature as well within the game to onboard and make sure the rentals of the NFTs work.

A: Yes and I think that is a very very interesting partnership because our Sky Meta, you have a lot of experience with the guild. You understand how it works in guild right? So definitely that it helps a lot regarding snake city how to integrate it in the correct way to support the guild in the partnership.

H: Indeed and we’re definitely looking forward to working with you both with the platform and on the NFT side. I know we’ve got a little scholarship going on as well with you guys so we will be pushing that out through our community and are excited to do so as well yeah. So just I mean I know I feel like quite a few questions for you Daniel. Maybe i’ll do one more question whoever wants to have that last question you know please raise their hand and if not we’ll go into part three and and and kind of wrap up the session (what about… ) Go ahead Abe

Q: What makes you organize AMA this way? Like let people play the game? And how to play it? If my snake has higher rarity than yours can I have more advantages?

H: Yes, the test net, right? Yes regarding the test net that we are organizing in the AMA with your partners like you need to register the wallet address and we will send the test net token to you and the participant can use the testnet token to buy the egg and they can open the egg to receive the snake with the rarity and also they can use snake to joining in the game. However you can earn a token in the game as well and we will rework for the leaderboard. We will give the leaderboard and the people can watch the leaderboard in the AMA you know participants in the AMA. So it is how it works

H: Right i think we had a sign up for that in terms of the addresses and but we

Could you chat with admins? We’ll chat with April to maybe get you on there as well. So speaking of that’ll lead us into the third part. Thanks for all the questions guys, thank you Daniel for that as you know. Thanks for asking and answering all those questions. That was great! So going into part three. Unfortunately I can’t share my screen on twitter space Daniel. But perhaps we can get a link to the demo and what we will do is post it throughout our community on how to play and everything and I guess after this we are going to open the test net for our members right Daniel?

A: Yes or ah yes definitely that we can give the video and the guideline how to set it up in the test net from send it set it up regarding the wallet the chain and check about the token that you receive to access the website and also connect wallet and to step buying the egg, open the snake, going to the game, and also or checking out the leaderboard and you can send the guideline for the community

H: Awesome, awesome! When do you expect to open the game test net for the game for our members to start playing?

D: Yeah you can play or right after the AMA. Yes and we give you the community the test token and you can play it in two days or three days because the mechanism we want to bring the fair for everybody right? So the test token is enough for you to buy one egg and in one egg you open it and we have it you know the chance to have a rarity snake, rarity from one to five. So there are some people who have a really high rarity. I can say three four five but there are some people only rarity one or two. And the snake rarity one or two they only have two turns. The snake rarity three-four you have three turns. And the snake rarity five you have the four turns. And yeah you use your turn to join in the training mode we have four levels with the easy, medium, hard, and super. And you pick the level to play the game and I can say that yeah it’s also a little bit lucky right, for the people having a higher rarity snake that you have more turn and that’s negative small power. But yeah it should be you know it should be really fun to join the game

H: Yeah yeah definitely. I’m curious about matchmaking and Daniel, how does the game match make in terms of skills between players or is it just random?

A: What do you mean by matchmaking?

H: Just like how it chooses who you play against is it is it a personal skill level or is it you know is it randomly chosen um you know in the pool of players that are there

D: Yeah basically you can choose a level to play when you access the game. You can base on your skill. For example easy you have for example, the level easy you have just you know the bot is more they are kind of more slow, and also you don’t have many bombs in the map. You have more food in the map, you have a higher chance to win in the map right? But if you know risk-taking people and you’re joining in the super you have a chance to earn much more in you know rewards and token. However, like it’s a really difficult you know mode with a lot of booms, a lot of snake joining in and high your speed you have a really great you know skill to make sure that you can win or a hard or super level.

H: Right right. Well you know we’re excited to actually get in a test net game and start playing it. So i guess, Daniel if there’s anything you want to wrap up with, I know we’ve had quite a few questions already, great introduction into your project, talking about the economy, talking about this structure, talking about you know sustainability, great project! We’re definitely looking forward to working with you both on the platform side and you know the NFT side and getting our scholars into the game. Daniel if there are any last remarks you know I’ll leave the floor to you on this.

D: Yeah I would like to say thank you for all you guys supports Snake City, joining the AMA today and yeah please support us please follow us on Twitter, joining our social channel and feel free to give us any feedback that you have because we really value all you know comments to improve the Snake City because we can see that the snake city is only the first state of nature right? And we also see the long journey with the Snake City or the game and also thanks a lot Mike. And also we really believe in the partnership with Sky Meta and really look forward to your collaboration, you know more and more.

H: Definitely Daniel. And on behalf of Sky Meta we would also like to thank you and your team for taking the time to come to our community to kind of explain what the concept is about and giving us the white list for test net. So we are very grateful and we also look forward to working with you in the future. So you know on that note I’d like to thank everybody for the time today if there are any other questions for Daniel or for us please, you know DM us or you know follow the snake City socials directly contact them and follow our socials as well and ask any questions and then we can relay them back to Daniel and team again you know we look forward to working with snake city and opening up that scholarship for you guys. Let’s get that test net going so we can win some prizes there’s a prize pool as well right Daniel? In terms of places within the first three days so if you’re number one you know there’s a prize pool waiting for you as well. So again thank you everybody for your time. Thank you Daniel. We look forward to seeing great things from you and your game.

D: Yeah thank you, Mike thank you, everybody, yeah okay have a nice day guys thanks thanks everybody thanks you and we will send out the links for the the demo that you’re talking about in our telegram chat and our socials



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