AMA recap — SnakeCity & Avalanche China

Part 01: Introduction

Snake City is an NFT game which is built on Avalanche with 6 game modes including pve, pvp, tournament and some exciting game modes that I will reveal later in the AMA. We also have breeding and fusion feature which is known as create a new snake from these old snakes.

I guess you all know about the famous snake game you all played when you were a kid. Our idea is to create a casual and skill-based game that targets at a mass market audience. We focus on the concept of Fun, simple gameplay that is easy to understand, Simple user interface, Short sessions, less learned skill so a game can be played during work breaks.

Part 02: QnA

Q: What are the tokenomics of $SNCT and $TOC?

$SNCT is our main token and $TOC is our in-game token. With different game modes and other activities, you can earn different rewards as well. $SNCT and $TOC also have separate utilities.

With $SNCT you can purchase Eggs and NFT Snakes, it can be given as rewards for token holders when staking and it also helps to govern the Snake City ecosystem

On the other hand, $TOC will help you to buy more Turn in some game modes, and buy tickets to play in the Tournament. $TOC is used for breeding feature as well.

With the rich experience of the dev team, we have worked together on many big online multiplayer projects. There are two points that stand out of the project is that we develop an anti-hacking system and an anti-inflation mechainism which is the most concern in the gameFi world.

In term of anti-hacking system, we have researched and learned to minimize hacking/cheat in the game. Plus Blockchain technology, the level of security is one level higher than traditional games. About anti-inflation mechanism, we have always prepared for the project’s balance economy that includes NFT Economy, Token Economy including Minting control, Token Utility, Burning Mechanism and Diverse Revenue Stream

Q: What do you think sets SnakeCity apart from other GameFi projects?

Unlike other projects, in SnakeCity, we have some special features that has its own advantages compared to others.

In terms of Sponsored Event, we will collaborate with other NFT projects so when players enter the game, they can earn another NFT type from partners’ project or token. With this feature, we will let partner to hire/bid the map, we design character, food, skin, traits as logo, brand asset of partner. User have the chance to earn not only SNCT token but also our partner’s token. For example Trade Joe is one of partners and advisors, we have designed our snake with Trade Joe logo on it. So players join our game, they will also recognize our partners too.

And we also have Freezone which is a free to play mode. In this game mode, you don’t need to invest because it is free right? So with Freezone we believe that our game will easily attract players, and event reach out to players from the non-crypto world too!

As SnakeCity is inspired by Slither or Wormate, players won’t find it hard to learn how to play, they just need to jump in the game and experience.

Q: Can you please talk about your upcoming IDO and near-future plans?

We are gonna launch IDO on May 23rd on Avalaunch which is the biggest launchpad on Avalanche. Right after that, about 26th or 27th we will have NFT public sale, also TGE and Game official releasing on the same day.

Only 630 NFTs will be available and 5 of them are NFT Snake lords, the rest are NFT eggs. For your information, owners of NFT snake lords will have their own benefits and to purchase them you need to use $AVAX, not $SNCT.

Actually we are planning to hold NFT whitelist event and Beta game contest right now, it will end before IDO comes. There will be only 130 whitelist spots from the both event so this will be really competitive to the community.

Q: How do you think play-to-earn games can achieve a balance between the fun of gaming and the incentives of crypto?

Well first of all, we built our game based on a concept of fun, easy to play and doesn’t cost too much time. You can play our game anywhere, anytime like in a break while working or at lunch,…

Second of all, We combine both gaming and crypto factors, our game have different level from easy to super hard to play and of course Snake City is a skill-based game so if you want to win you must be better than other competitors and also it will brings more fairness to people when playing a game. For example, like card games. If you have a low rarity of the hero and I have a high rarity of the hero, there’s no way that you can beat me because I have stronger power and energy. But in SNCT, it’s more balanced. You can beat me if you have better skills than me. We are trying to bring more fairness with people joining it. The higher rarity of the snake you own, the more advantages you have but it won’t decide whether you could win me or not, because it’s skill-based game you know? So when you join a skill-based game, it will brings a lot of emotion for people to play a game to compete with each other and to be on top of the leaderboard.

And last but not least, It is play-to-earn concept so depending on your purpose it will be how you approach this game.

Q: Quite a few games became inaccessible to ordinary users due to their rapid growth and high prices. As a result, users may choose gaming guilds as their gateway to get started. What is your opinion on this?

The challenge in GameFi world is getting bigger and bigger, the projects are many and varied, people find it hard to trust something they are not clear about. As a team, we have made a difference in the mechanics and gameplay, making our games stand out from the competition than other games.

In addition, cash flow is also a problem that makes play-to-earn games increasingly weak and dead. We first introduced the concept of external cash flow from advertising, streaming and partnership services with other partners, bring stability to the game.

In the future we will also collaborate with Guilds, for now there are Kucoin Gaming Guilds, Sky Meta and Quest Gamers are already our partners. We will have our own competition for the guilds. And I think that players can choose whatever they want. We are always welcome them and especially individual players and investor who follow us from the beginning of our project.

Q: How do you like Avalanche and the Avalanche ecosystem? Do you see Avalanche subnet as the best choice for gaming projects?

For your information, we get investment from Ava Labs. It’s Avalanche’s foundation for the official Blizzard.

We are building the game step by step, we don’t rush to go to the market. Actually, we have ideas from last year. We are really serious about game development.

We have run through the test net several times. In the last testnet round that we opened for members, we reached more than 8500 players. We have a lot of players from Brazil, Indonesia, and also the Philippines. So we understand more about the target audience and the mechanism that we need to update in the game.

The reason we pick Avalanche is that with Avalanche, we have a subnet. That’s very good for a gamefi to scale and have a really really cheap gas fee too. And very soon, you guys can join the subnet of Avalanche. We’re one of the first gaming will be on this subnet platform and I’m very honor to announce the news to you guys that!

Q: Do you have any words with people who are watching the AMA event right now?

I’m very happy right now. You know, we really engage people together, we play together and we share the emotion, we enjoy it together. The game should be like that right? The AMA should be done in that way. You know, a lot of games only have the same concept or idea. They can do the AMA, they ask the question and answer, something like that. But with SNCT, we talk less and do more. We just let the community play the game and please give us the feedback or comments that you want us to improve. That is the value we aim to, for a long run with SNCT. We do value the community and we value the real project. That’s the way we work together.

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