Inside SnakeCity — Internal SnakeCity Freezone event

“Inside SnakeCity” — Special for early supporters

To express our gratitude to those friends always partnering with us from the beginning, we decided to hold an internal FreeZone event only for our early supporters.

This very first internal event promised to be the first shot to thoroughly prepare for the upcoming weekly event exclusive to our SNCT community.

  • Participants: Early supporters of SnakeCity
  • Rewards: total 200$ for top 3 of the leaderboard
  • Duration: Aug 20 — Aug 27
  • People who stay with SnakeCity when the project was just an idea
  • SnakeCity’s team arounds the world
  • SnakeCity’s community managers & moderators
  • Connect Metamask wallet
  • Claim the Free Snake & join the game
  • Each player will have 10 turns to play per day
  • Top 1: 100$
  • Top 2: 60$
  • Top 3: 40$

“Inside SnakeCity” — Internal Freezone event is only open for minimum participants to distribute our early supporters.

Mini-game of “Inside SnakeCity”

Minigame will be published along with our Internal FreeZone event!

Earn 20$ just by dropping questions regarding Freezone with random numbers!

DETAILS (will be updated on SnakeCity announcement channel):

  • An announcement is posted on Global Telegram Channel at 3PM UTC on Aug 20
  • Send your question regarding FreeZone with a lucky number in that Ann 💸
  • We will livestream #SNCT FreeZone gameplay on Discord at 3PM UTC on Aug 26 to answer Freezone-related questions and draw 3 lucky numbers
  • Reward: 3 lucky members will be distributed 20$ each
  • Duration: Aug 20–26


  • Like & Retweet & tag 3 friends to the announcement
  • Comment your question about Freezone & a number between 1–100 on this Ann with this format: “Your Question” — “Lucky number” — “Telegram username” — “Discord username” — “Avax C-Chain Address”

<Ex: What is FreeZone mechanics? — 26 — snakecity#1975–0xEb41160AE428E23f49db0f1cAF0e82e6230dF4AB>

  • Join our Discord to watch the Gameplay Livestream at 3 PM UTC at the weekend.


  • Edited responses is not allowed🚫
  • We’ll spin the lucky number up to 3 times to find the Winner.


  • Participants must join Livestream beforehand. ❗️❗️
  • Only replies with questions in this Thread are valid.
  • Participants must answer this telegram announcement
  • Participants must show Telegram username on User Info.

<Guideline here:>

  • Winners must unmute to say “Hi” on our Livestream after being chosen.

When can SnakeCity citizens join Freezone?

To all SnakeCity’s members, we will open many private and public events in the near future.

Private events will have their own requirements to be eligible to join and all you need to do is follow the steps.

  • Private Freezone: Whitelist will be given by our partners
  • Public Freezone: Everyone can join the game equally

Please patiently waiting till the next official announcements on our main channels.

  • Crabada Private Freezone: Aug 10 — Aug 30
  • Swimmer Public Freezone: Aug 31 — Sep 13
  • Inside SnakeCity — Internal Freezone: Aug 20 — Aug 27
  • Avalaunch Private Freezone: TBD
  • Galaxy Private Freezone: TBD
  • Tomochain Private Freezone: TBD
  • SnakeCity Public Freezone: Sep 19 — Oct 17 (TBD)

“Inside SnakeCity” event is just a fresh start of several events in the future, with this internal freezone campaign, we want to celebrate our beloved supporters who always have our back from the beginning.

More updates on SnakeCity can be found at SnakeCity’s official channels:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium



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