Inside SnakeCity — Internal SnakeCity Freezone event

“Inside SnakeCity” — Special for early supporters

  • Participants: Early supporters of SnakeCity
  • Rewards: total 200$ for top 3 of the leaderboard
  • Duration: Aug 20 — Aug 27

Who are “early supporters”?

  • People who stay with SnakeCity when the project was just an idea
  • SnakeCity’s team arounds the world
  • SnakeCity’s community managers & moderators

How to play:

  • Connect Metamask wallet
  • Claim the Free Snake & join the game
  • Each player will have 10 turns to play per day

Rewards will be distributed to top 3 of the leaderboard:

  • Top 1: 100$
  • Top 2: 60$
  • Top 3: 40$

Mini-game of “Inside SnakeCity”

  • An announcement is posted on Global Telegram Channel at 3PM UTC on Aug 20
  • Send your question regarding FreeZone with a lucky number in that Ann 💸
  • We will livestream #SNCT FreeZone gameplay on Discord at 3PM UTC on Aug 26 to answer Freezone-related questions and draw 3 lucky numbers
  • Reward: 3 lucky members will be distributed 20$ each
  • Duration: Aug 20–26
  • Like & Retweet & tag 3 friends to the announcement
  • Comment your question about Freezone & a number between 1–100 on this Ann with this format: “Your Question” — “Lucky number” — “Telegram username” — “Discord username” — “Avax C-Chain Address”
  • Join our Discord to watch the Gameplay Livestream at 3 PM UTC at the weekend.
  • Edited responses is not allowed🚫
  • We’ll spin the lucky number up to 3 times to find the Winner.
  • Participants must join Livestream beforehand. ❗️❗️
  • Only replies with questions in this Thread are valid.
  • Participants must answer this telegram announcement
  • Participants must show Telegram username on User Info.
  • Winners must unmute to say “Hi” on our Livestream after being chosen.

When can SnakeCity citizens join Freezone?

  • Private Freezone: Whitelist will be given by our partners
  • Public Freezone: Everyone can join the game equally

What is coming next with Freezone series?

  • Crabada Private Freezone: Aug 10 — Aug 30
  • Swimmer Public Freezone: Aug 31 — Sep 13
  • Inside SnakeCity — Internal Freezone: Aug 20 — Aug 27
  • Avalaunch Private Freezone: TBD
  • Galaxy Private Freezone: TBD
  • Tomochain Private Freezone: TBD
  • SnakeCity Public Freezone: Sep 19 — Oct 17 (TBD)



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