Snake Citizen — SnakeCity Freezone Batch 01

  • Participants: Snake City's community
  • Freezone type: Private freezone
  • Requirement: Players must hold minimum 8000 $SNCT to be whitelisted (Whitelist will be updated daily to accomodate new SNCT holders)
  • Rewards: 43500 $SNCT (divided into every 3-day leaderboard — 14500 $SNCT each for top 5 winners)
  • Duration: 3pm UTC Sep 12— 3pm UTC Sep 21

Event explaination

What participant needs to do?

  • Step 01: Hold minimum 8000 $SNCT to be whitelisted
  • Step 03: Join Freezone, show your amazing playing skills and be on top of Freezone leaderboard: Click here
  • Step 04: Join Gartic, guess the right answers and be on top of Gartic leaderboard: Click here
  • Step 05: Be active in Discord to level up and get bonus points. The higher level of member you are on Discord, the more bonus points you will receive. Click here

How we count your points?

*This is not Gartic leaderboard, this is Discord leaderboard. It records the most active member. (Nothing in this leaderboard relates to Gartic game).

How the “new” leaderboard works?

  • Every 3 days we will export the leaderboard of Freezone, Gartic and Discord member level.
  • We will re-calculate the points of participants who are eligible in the new leaderboard.
  • Who has the highest total points of both leaderboard will be shouted out in the new leaderboard — total top 5 winners.

Reward distribution

  • New leaderboard will be shouted out each 3 days — total top 5 winners
  • Reward will be distributed after the event ends

Gartic — Guessing game

  • Join Gartic, guess the right answers and be on top of Gartic leaderboard: Click here
  • Duration: 8 hours per day
  • Gartic will be opened with different time frame so everyone in the world can play (because Gartic must be managed and controlled manually, we can only open Gartic with a limit amount of time in a day)
  • Gartic’s opening time as table belows:
* This table is only work for Gartic, not Freezone (freezone you can you anytime in a day)

Freezone — SnakeCitizen batch 01

How to play:

  • Click here to join Freezone
  • Connect Metamask wallet
  • Claim the Free Snake & join the game
  • Each player will have 10 turns to play per day
  • The turns will be reset after 0 UTC everyday

What is new in this Freezone?

  • New snakes — New map
  • You can choose your snake
  • There are many snakes in many country-skins


  • Discord leaderboard — level of members is different from Gartic leaderboard. This Discord leaderboard will record the most active members. Discord leaderboard will help you receive bonus point.
  • This event is 3-day event. Each 3 days there will be a new leaderboard that contains top 5 winners.
  • Don’t forget how we count your points!
  • You must prove who you are in #batch-1-proof channel on Discord
  • This campaign is open for 9 days with 3-day leaderboard each, compete in 3-day leaderboard and win rewards.



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