Snake Citizen — SnakeCity Freezone Batch 01

Dear Snake Citizens,

It’s time to let our beloved members to explore SnakeCity’s freezone feature. We have prepared and updated a little surprise for every player from SnakeCity’s global community. This event is not just a regular Freezone campaign, it’s the combination between Freezone and Gartic (Minigame on SnakeCity’s Discord channel).

The first Snake Citizen freezone — Batch 01 promises to bring new experiences to the community and challenge to receive attractive rewards. Almost anyone can attend and win rewards day by day without waiting until the event ends.

  • Participants: Snake City's community

You can compete to get the highest rank on the leaderboard by:
1. Playing Freezone
2. Playing Gartic (Discord)
3. Be active in Discord to receive bonus point

Event explaination

“Snake Citizen Freezone — Batch 01” — The combination of Freezone (SnakeCity’s gameplay) & Gartic (Minigame on SnakeCity’s Discord channel).

To make the event fairer and shorten the gap between old and new participants, we decided to combine Freezone (SnakeCity’s gameplay) & Gartic (Minigame on SnakeCity’s Discord channel) to create a brand new event where participant can find the joy and excitement to compete with each other.

You can be on top of the leaderboard in both ways, or you can show your best skills in Freezone or compete with your amazing mind in Gartic.

What participant needs to do?

  • Step 01: Hold minimum 8000 $SNCT to be whitelisted

Whitelist will be updated daily to accomodate new SNCT holders

Drop your Wallet ID in hidden form with the Screenshot of the Snakecitizens’ FreeZone screen showing Wallet ID in the chatbox of the channel: Click here

Ex: 0x70b…82F + Send screenshot

  • Step 03: Join Freezone, show your amazing playing skills and be on top of Freezone leaderboard: Click here

How we count your points?

In order to reduce the gap between the old and new players, we will re-standardize the scoreboard. No matter how many actual points you get in Freezone or Gartic, you can still be on top of the total leaderboard fair and square.

Scoreboard detail:

If you are active in Discord (you usually chat, comment, react or any related activity), you will get bonus point. The bonus point is equal to your level (Discord level) x10 times.

Total points = Freezone points + Gartic points + bonus points

For example, if you are top 2 in Freezone leaderboard, top 5 in Gartic leaderboard, and level 14 in Discord, your points will be:

Total points = 3300 (Freezone points) + 2500 (Gartic points) + 140 (bonus points by your Discord level) = 5940

Example of Discord level:

*This is not Gartic leaderboard, this is Discord leaderboard. It records the most active member. (Nothing in this leaderboard relates to Gartic game).

How the “new” leaderboard works?

  • Every 3 days we will export the leaderboard of Freezone, Gartic and Discord member level.

Reward distribution

  • New leaderboard will be shouted out each 3 days — total top 5 winners

Gartic — Guessing game

  • Join Gartic, guess the right answers and be on top of Gartic leaderboard: Click here
* This table is only work for Gartic, not Freezone (freezone you can you anytime in a day)

Example of Gartic:

Freezone — SnakeCitizen batch 01

How to play:

  • Click here to join Freezone

What is new in this Freezone?

  • New snakes — New map


  • Discord leaderboard — level of members is different from Gartic leaderboard. This Discord leaderboard will record the most active members. Discord leaderboard will help you receive bonus point.

Total points = Freezone points + Gartic points + bonus points

  • You must prove who you are in #batch-1-proof channel on Discord

If you miss one day playing Freezone and afraid not able to be on top of the leaderboard? Don’t worry, just prepare for the next day and other activities to show your talents again!!


More updates on SnakeCity can be found at SnakeCity’s official channels:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium



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