Snake City — Migration on Swimmer Network announcement!

Dear Snake Citizens!

Are you ready for exciting upcoming activities in the near future between SnakeCity and Swimmer Network?

If you are new to our biggest event ahead of us, here is some information that you need to know.

What is Swimmer Network?

Swimmer Network is a dedicated blockchain for gaming that leverages the existing infrastructure and security of the Avalanche Network.

To bring a fun, engaged, and frictionless experience for both game enthusiasts and game developers on the blockchain!

“The subnet @swimmer_network launched and effectively moved @PlayCrabada from #AVAX C-Chain to its own subnet. Players have also recorded cheaper transaction fees and a great user experience, showing the potential of the subnet for all projects.” — Avaxholic

Swimmer, A Living Network

Swimmer is a living network that will go through several upgrades over time. They’ve been planning and refining how they want to manage all of the inevitable changes, at the same time embracing their core principles that focus on security and progressively pushing towards a more decentralized and permissionless ecosystem as the tech stack matures.

The Swimmer team has invested time and resources to prepare to deploy innovative features, and are now finalizing their methodology around forking and other processes to ensure these features can be deployed without destabilizing the network. Similarly, they are also finalizing processes around deploying expected security patches and technical updates.

They will be incrementally rolling out patches, as well as deploying new features, while improving on the initial process based on what they have learnt.

Network Fees

Swimmer Network is launched with network fees of 10,000 gwei

  • 50% of Network fees will be burnt🔥
  • 40% of Network fees will go to Swimmer Validators👬
  • 10% of Network fees will go to Swimmer Ecosystem🏊‍♂️

Why choosing Swimmer?

Swimmer Network — The Premier Gaming Subnet of Avalanche offers benefits to the games that are launching on it including:

  • Quicker deployment
  • Lower gas fees
  • Composability between games

On Swimmer Network, games can come together to form a community of bonded and enthusiastic players. Swimmer aims to help projects overcome barriers and support projects in their development, to become more sustainable for the long run.

“On July 15, total transactions on #AVAX reached 220M, recorded by the total of 3 chains: C-chain, DFK Chain & Swimmer Chain. Let’s take a look back at Avax’s development progress.” — Avaxholic

SnakeCity and Swimmer Network collaboration

At the end of August, a series of activities will be released with several surprises and exciting rewards!

  • Official Migration: SnakeCity will be fully migrated from C-Chain onto Swimmer Network
  • Swimmer Freezone: Welcome all players to Freezone campaign with all the Crabs, TUS and SNCT as rewards
  • And other events!

More updates on SnakeCity can be found at SnakeCity’s official channels:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium



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