SnakeCity — Gameplay Introduction

Inspired by, SnakeCity retains the gameplay of its predecessor. However, under the creativity of the development team, SnakeCity has been built with several unique and attractive features that you certainly do not want to miss.

Gameplay of SnakeCity

When joining a match, players will choose their snake hero to compete in the battle. Here your snake will try their best to get stronger as soon as possible to have a better advantage over your opponents. As a skill-based game, you will use your skill to be on top of the leaderboard and fight against your enemies.

There are fantastic game modes to choose:

Training mode

In the Training Mode, players can select one of the challenges from Easy to Super to practice with the bots and earn rewards. The more difficult the challenge is, the more rewards and experience points you can achieve.

Players will only be able to play with BOT, 30 seconds per turn. Players can only play with a total number of turns based on the rarity of their snake per day, quick mode requires $TOC. After 24 hours from the last battle, you need to recover Mana to play again.

Rewards for the training mode will be paid in $TOC.

Battel Arena

In the Arena Battle, players control their Snake Hero to fight against others players in order to win reward in the game. Each Snakes will have a default 2 free turns to play and an option to buy 1 more turn per day by $TOC token.

There will be a daily leaderboard where players are being ranked regarding the points they accumulate in the game. The higher position the players stand, the higher reward and experience they achieve. In this gameplay mode, the reward will be paid in both token, $SNCT & $TOC. Each turn will cost 1 HP and 2 Mana.

Other than the SNCT & TOC rewards, your snake might have a chance to collect some of the special in-game items when they are accumulate the food in the Arena Battle which have various utilities to make your snake stronger.


The idea behind tournament gameplay mode is simple: Each player buy a ticket and get one slot in the game. Most of the fee collected from participation will be used for rewarding the top 3 players in the ranking board. Therefore, this will be very fun and challenging where users will have a chance to play against each other.

In order to participate in the game, players need to buy ticket. There are 3 types of room you can choose:

+ Earth: 500 $TOC

+ Mars: 1500 $TOC

+ Venus: 3000 $TOC

The higher the ticket price, the more reward and risk you get.


On this mode, players will not need to invest, no need to buy anything. When starting, the player will use the skill to kill other snakes and earn token or eggs to help them unlock other paid mode.

When connecting the wallet, player will be rewarded a free egg and can mint to free snake. Each Snakes will have some free turns, to gain more turns to play players will be required to do specific tasks.

Discovery Mode

Player will use snake to discover city map with many local famous places to collect NFT shards. By matching them, they can redeem full NFT with big value.

Player have to stake $TOC to receive ticket. When the event starts, the tickets will be randomly selected. Players must stake their tokens for at least a few days before the event occurs.

When participating, players will receive additional NFFTs from partners and $SNCT.

Sponsored Event

This mode will be opened for the purpose of collaboration between SnakeCity and other projects. Snake City will have art design based on the concept of partner.

Players will be rewarded with partner’s tokens, NFT or USDC.

Besides 6 attractive game modes, SnakeCity also have many amazing and unique features:


Snake City Marketplace is where players can trade their NFT Snake Heroes, Eggs and other in-game items,…

Sellers are charged a 5% fee on completion of a transaction. All the collected fees will be sent to the Treasury contract where:

+ 50% will be burnt to reduce the total token supply, therefore protects the token value.

+ 30% will be distributed to the NFT Snake Lords owners.

+ 20% will be used for ecosystem development and marketing.

Starter Pack

Starter Pack is where players look to buy and mint the Eggs, Snake Lords and in-game accessories. These assets are only offered for buying and minting in batches by the Snake City team.


Like in the real world, Snakes can be bred to create new generations. To avoid hyperinflation of NFT Snake Heroes, there is a maximum number of times a Snake can be bred before it is sterile and the number depends on the Snake’s generation.

The number of times that a Snake can be bred reduced following its generation. In this case, if one of the Snakes is F5, the breeding is not able to process.


Aside from breeding, Snake Heroes can combine together to become a new one with the fusion feature.

To perform this feature, players need to use 3 Snakes; need to have fusion stone (Fusion stones shall be sold in batches on the Starter Pack page or You can get it as in-game rewards if you’re lucky enough).

The success rate depends on the total Rarity number of all the 3 Snakes that are used for the fusion process.

More updates on SnakeCity can be found at SnakeCity’s official channels:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium



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