SnakeCity Official Migration — Coming Soon on SEP 27

Add Swimmer Network to your wallet

Bridge your NFTs (Snakes & Eggs)

  • We only support one way bridge NFT from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network.
  • When Snake City NFTs go from Avalanche C-Chain to Swimmer Network, they will NOT be able to be bridged back to Avalanche C-Chain
  • In order to bridge, you MUST cancel your NFT listing on Marketplace
  • Both Snake NFTs and Eggs NFTs can be bridged onto Swimmer Network. (You don’t need to hatch your eggs.)
  • You can bridge your Snake NFTs and Egg NFT in your Inventory.
  • Up to 10 NFTs (snake/egg) can be bridged in a single transaction.

Bridge ERC-20 Tokens (SNCT/TOC)

  • You can bridge tokens in 2 ways (C-chain -> Swimmer, Swimmer -> C-chain)
  • When playing the game on Swimmer Network, players will receive $TOC (on Swimmer), if players want to trade to $USDT or else, players need to bridge $TOC (Swimmer) to $TOC (C-chain)
  • To bridge $TOC (Swimmer) to $TOC (C-chain), players can use the bridge ERC-20 token
  • Make sure to claim all the TOC rewards at before migrating NFT Snake to Swimmer. Otherwise, you’ll lose it

Swimmer Network Game Link:

Avalanche C-Chain (Old-version) Link:

Swimmer Network Blockchain Explorers


  1. How many NFTs can I bridge at one time?



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