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Snake City
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SnakeCity — A brand new definition of GameFi

Have you ever heard of the game It was once a blockbuster that stirred up the gaming community with a relatively simple but equally attractive gameplay. Inspired by, SnakeCity has been released — a new GameFi project where each NFTs in-game functions as a colorful lively snake that can easily attract even non-crypto players.

The game takes place in the future world where modern biotechnology is super developed with astonishing achievements and inventions in human history. Players join the game by controlling a heroic snake warrior to fight in the wars against other snake players in the metaverse. The war arena starts in different places of the SnakeCity, requires players to have knowledge about the typical features of that place to apply suitable fighting strategies.

Sounds like another simple GameFi that sets no difference? Well, the answer is yes and no.

SnakeCity is a GameFi built on Avalanche Network. Similar to other games, it allows players to earn tokens and sell them. Additionally, we have a market for players to exchange, buy and sell NFTs.

However, the unique point is that SnakeCity is a skill-based game, which is different from most of middle games in P2E sector! In order to survive and get rewards, it is your skill, not your money which tells.

Game mode and how to play

When joining a match, players will choose the skin for their snake hero. Here your snake will try their best to get bigger as soon as possible to have a better advantage over your opponents. By being a big snake, your opponent will tend to crash to your snake body and die, or you can try circling smaller opponent to prevent them from escaping.

To bring different experiences to players, SnakeCity will have 6 game modes with distinct features: Training Mode, Battle Arena, Tournament, Freezone, Discovery Mode and Sponsor Events. Visit our Gameplay page for detailed explanation of each game mode, and to be updated with upcoming features!

One of our priorities is to promote personalization for players. Various personalization options can be offered, including customizing the snake’s skin color, or choose different country maps such as Brazil, Spain or China etc.

Why SnakeCity?

SnakeCity team have solid visions thanks to their experience working in gaming and cryptofinance industry. We have built an anti-token inflation mechanism, thereby supporting the stability of $SNCT and the sustainability of the SnakeCity ecosystem. Moreover, SnakeCity will not stop at being a simple play-to-earn game. We aim to build a comprehensive ecosystem, with more features and game modes, thereby affirming to the gaming community that: We’re here to stay!

Promised to bring the best experience with long-term benefits for investors and players, the vision of the project will also be supported by the increasingly strong development of not only Avalanche community but also the GameFi world.

About Avalanche

As you might heard, Avalanche (AVAX) is a high performance open source platform for launching decentralized financial applications and enterprise blockchain implementations in an interoperable, highly scalable and easy to be customized. Its portfolio currently covers 458 projects in 19 months with several promising GameFi(es) including SnakeCity, all backed up with wonderful support within the ecosystem.

Developers building on Avalanche can easily create robust, reliable, and secure applications and custom blockchain networks with complex rule sets, or build on private or public subnets now available.

Avalanche is one of the most potential platforms in the blockchain industry, measured by time to transaction completion, and has the most validators guaranteed to work for any proof-of-stake protocol. Avalanche is very fast, low cost and environmentally friendly.

Excited enough? We have so much more coming for you! In the coming days, we will continue to provide you with more information about the project, the development team and the investment partners. Stay tuned and accompany us on the way to become one of the best GameFi(es)! Trust the process and you will certainly not be disappointed!

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Snake City

SnakeCity — Beyond the GameFi