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Snake City
3 min readMay 19, 2022


It is such an amazing journey that SnakeCity has gone through, and it would be a big mistake not to mention the tremendous support from the gamefi community which greatly contributes to the success of SnakeCity so far. Good things have been done, and it is always worth to review our journey together, laying the foundation for exciting upcoming plans.

Initiating in Quarter 3 of 2021, the development team met together, built the team and conducted market research. SnakeCity was then designed, developed and launched in in Q4, with various community campaigns commencing from that time and still continuing until present.

Stepped into Quarter 1 of 2022, we have completed Seed Sale and Private Sale. While the Seed Sale was worth 6% of total supply — 5% at TGE, cliff 3 months then linear vesting for 20 months; the Private Sale distributed 5% of total supply — 5% at TGE, cliff 3 months then linear vesting for 18 months.

In parallel, SnakeCity also completed the Beta Testnet which collected useful information for the development team to further nurture the game before the official launch. Quarter 1 of 2022 also marks our big achievement of expanding collaboration with 15+ partners, including big names such as Avalabs, Avalaunch, Chainlink Labs and Kucoin Games Guild.

Having solid base to support the project, SnakeCity will enter Quarter 2 of 2022 with important events that you surely do not want to miss.


The long-awaited event will be officially live on 23th May 2022 on Avalaunch. Registration will be open since 19th May

Important: Please note that SNCT has not been listed on any exchanges, do not participate in any SNCT trading

NFT Sale

SnakeCity’s NFTs including 625 NFT eggs and 5 NFT Snake Lords. While the pre-sale is only available to whitelisted users, we will also launch the NFT public sale soon, allowing wide users to obtain in-game NFTs. (Click here to register)

Launching of Training Mode and Arena Battle features

Training mode

Training Mode (hyperlink Training Mode page) is the practicing feature of SnakeCity, allowing players to choose challenges from Easy to Super and earn rewards. Each turn takes 30 seconds and the number of turns players have depends on the rarity of their snake. Rewards for the training mode will be paid in $TOC.

Battle Arena

In the Arena Battle (hyperlink Battle Arena page), players control their Snake Hero to fight against others players in order to win reward in the game. Each Snakes will have a default 2 free turns to play and an option to buy 1 more turn per day by $TOC token.

There will be a daily leaderboard where players are being ranked regarding the points they accumulate in the game. The higher position the players stand, the higher reward and experience they achieve. In this gameplay mode, the reward will be paid in both $SNCT & $TOC.

There are so many more to come, and please be assured that the development team is working hard to provide a good game with exciting experiences to users!

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