SnakeCity — Swimmer Freezone event

Hey Snake citizens, are you ready to swim?

To distribute our biggest transformation — SnakeCity Migration onto Swimmer network, now we are about to open Freezone campaign with amazing rewards.

  • Duration: 3am UTC Sep 29 — 3am UTC Oct 20 (3 weeks)

Reward allocation:

We are honored to introduce Crabada as the Sponsor for our Swimmer FreeZone Event. If you haven’t played Crabada yet, this is the chance for you to get all the beautiful Crabs and explore Crabada gameplay!

  • Reward pool: 30 crabs + 510K TUS + 16.5K SNCT

🥇 1st place: 2 Crabs + 35K TUS + 1500 SNCT

🥈 2nd place: 2 Crabs + 30K TUS + 1000 SNCT

🥉 3rd place: 2 Crabs + 25K TUS + 600 SNCT

4️⃣ 4th place: 1 Crabs + 20K TUS + 500 SNCT

5️⃣ 5th place: 1 Crab + 15K TUS + 400 SNCT

6️⃣ 6th place: 1 Crab + 13K TUS + 380 SNCT

7️⃣ 7th place: 1 Crab + 10K TUS + 350 SNCT

8️⃣ 8th place: 9K TUS + 320 SNCT

9️⃣ 9th place: 8K TUS + 250 SNCT

How the leaderboard works:

With Swimmer freezone, instead of having more beneficial for players who have joined from the first day, we are now having a new way to calculate the leaderboard in order to encourage both old and new players to play day by day and even for players who can participate in any day of a week.

After each week (7 days), we will pick top 10 highest scores from daily leaderboards (7 leaderboards). No matter which day you join, if you reach high score you may get a chance to be on top rankings.

  • 3 leaderboards (Shoutout on OCT 7–14–21)

Example of leaderboard:

* Highest score for each player in the span of 7 days is highlighted.


  • One player can only have 1 spot on the leaderboard

How to play:

  • Connect Swimmer Network

What is Freezone?

In the Freezone mode, players will not need to invest, no need to buy anything. When starting, the players will use their skill to kill other snakes, accumulate as many points as possible to stay on top of the leaderboard. Free to play does not mean that there is no rewards for players. We have an allocated pool of rewards specifically for this gameplay mode.

Our purpose of this mode is trying to remove all the financial obstacles for the users to play with our game.

It’s very simple to start. When connecting the wallet, you will be rewarded a free egg and then can mint to a free snake (we call them Rural Snake). Each Snakes will have some free turns, to gain more turns to play players will be required to do specific tasks.

There are two types of Freezone:

  • Public: Everyone can join the game

More updates on SnakeCity can be found at SnakeCity’s official channels:

Website, Whitepaper, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Medium



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