SnakeCity — Swimmer Freezone event

  • Duration: 3am UTC Sep 29 — 3am UTC Oct 20 (3 weeks)
  • Freezone type: Public — no need to be whitelisted, everyone can join

Reward allocation:

  • Reward pool: 30 crabs + 510K TUS + 16.5K SNCT
  • Reward per week (3 weeks in total)
  • 3 leaderboards (Shoutout on OCT 7–14–21)
  • 30 Winners (10 winner each)
* Highest score for each player in the span of 7 days is highlighted.
  • One player can only have 1 spot on the leaderboard
  • If there are multiple players with the same score, the player who had the score at the earlier time will have a higher position
  • Reward distribution: after event ends

How to play:

  • Connect Swimmer Network
  • Receive your free-snake
  • Play freezone with Swimmer in-game design

What is Freezone?

  • Public: Everyone can join the game
  • Private: Only for players who are on the whitelist can join the game



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