SnakeCity — Testnet flashback & recap

With SnakeCity getting closer to its launch, the development team has been working continuously to fulfill their commitment, which is to bring the best experience with long-term benefits for investors and players.

To ensure stable operation of features, operability and game modes, 2 rounds of testnet have been conducted with a limited number of players, thereby providing important data to the team to utilize in the upcoming stages.

Below is the recap of the 02 testnet rounds:

It is clearly shown from the 02 rounds of testnet that SnakeCity receives many positive signals, strong responses and interests from the gaming community.

The game attracted attention all over the world, with 55% of players from Latin America, 39% from Asia and 6% from Europe.

With diverse features, attractive gameplay and rewards, SnakeCity has received relatively high engagement rate, of which the 5 countries with the highest engagement rate include: Argentina (89.53% ), Portugal (88.89%), Vietnam (86.11%), Spain (85.37%), Brazil (84.51%). Each turn took around 30 seconds to complete, and average engagement time was 5.5 minutes.

In addition, in these 2 rounds, the majority of players (93.1%) used desktop devices to play while only 6.9% used mobiles. The development team also received feedback whether players can use their mobile to play in the future, and decided to include the Mobile Version when the game is released. This ensures the best gaming experiences of players that they can play anytime and anywhere.

Notably, 11 bugs were recorded in these 2 rounds of Testnet. The development team is currently working on fixing these bugs so that SnakeCity can reach the finish line as planned.

In conclusion, testnet has provided a great opportunity for the development team to reach closers to the targeted audience. It strengthened the value of SnakeCity as being an easy-to-play game and its potential to spread over the gaming community, especially when Avalanche is still a new name. Most importantly, testnet served as wonderful guidance for the development team to find bugs and continuously improve the gaming experience.

The above is a summary of some data after 2 rounds of SnakeCity’s testnet.

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