SnakeCity — Training Mode update

Are you excited for the new Training Mode version?

With the newest update, now you all can join Training Mode with the most excitement features:

  1. No more limitation when playing Training Mode:

All snake levels are playable — no more limit when your snakes hit level 8. And of course, the more points you will get if your snake has a higher level.

2. New magical pills for snakes:

Be careful if you enter the game because now there are some pills that will affect your score

  • The pill that splits your score in half if your snake hits it
  • The pill that divides the total playing time in half if your snake hits it

3. Choose level to play more wisely:

Now the game is more challenging because hard and extreme level is filled with more bombs.

Note: These updates are only playable before Arena Battle (PvP) releases. Once PvP is launched, we will re-update the old Training mode version to avoid the game inflation.



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